Young man destroys his chair in the office while singing a song by Grupo Firme

Firm Group continues to give what to talk about in the social networks. Thanks to the charisma of its members and their catchy songs, the regional Mexican music band became popular in Latin America. Now, the famous group has become a trend again for a viral video of TikTok. What is it about? Here we tell you.

According to the images published by the user Andy Monsivais ()a young man named Marco, who was sitting in his office, decided to interpret “In your bitch life”one of the most successful songs of Grupo Firme.

Seconds later, Marco moves backwards relying on the resistance of his chair and faces an unpleasant situation. When he doesn’t finish singing, the boy, who is wearing a Monterrey Soccer Club (Rayados) shirt, ends up hitting the ground.

Immediately, Marco’s companions could not hold their laughter at the “funny” accident. Fortunately, the Grupo Firme follower did not suffer any injuries and the unusual was immortalized within the Asian platform.

“Firm Group owes a chair”

To date, the clip uploaded by @andy.mamalien borders the 3 million views and netizens continue to react; even one of the group’s vocalists, Johnny Cazjoined and placed some emojis with a laughing face, reported .

“With a broken heart, and the chair too”; “broken heart, chair and back”; “@grupofirme owe a chair, their songs put one in debt”; “I say that @grupofirme buy him a new chair”; were some of the other comments.

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