Young man dedicates a song to Sech, dreams of working with him

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The Panamanian urban music singer, sechhe reacted moved after hearing the song that a young singer dedicated to him.

Is about Lemu Jakea 23-year-old Panamanian man, who shared on his Instagram account the song titled “Sech”which he accompanies with some images where Sech appears and then he, on stage.

The theme talks about the dream that the young man has of working with the Panamanian interpreter and achieving famethrough music.

“This song is for Sech. God bless you, thank you for motivating me, everything is possible if you set your mind to it, even if no one believes in me, I put all my faith in God, even though several criticize me every day I will fight, I will continue singing even if There is no food to eat, my girlfriend left me to be writing on a piece of paper, the music that soon I will sing in a concert, I no longer have friends, I only dream big, soon they will see me with Sech, with him I will soon release music, I have faith I will fulfill my dreams, music saved me from bad ways, many forgot me, but I follow my destiny…”says part of the song.

After sech listen to the theme, he shared it in his Instagram Stories with the following message: “Wow, I heard this at a time when I needed it, thanks manin.”

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