Young assures that her blind boyfriend is “perfect” for her because “he never looks at other girls”

Niya Esperanza is a young woman who is very popular on TikTok (@niyaesperanza). The videos who shares in bliss red social attract attention, but one in particular went around the world. And it is that in that clip she assures that her blind boyfriend is “perfect” for her because “Never look at other girls”.

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The recording we are talking about was released exactly on November 3 of this year. There the girl revealed 5 reasons why she is very grateful to be with her partner. According to what was reported by The MirrorHe’s been with him for several years now.


“Jake Olson is the perfect boyfriend and these are the reasons”, it reads in the description of its publication. The first, above all, was quite shocking, as Niya indicated that he “Never look at other girls” and that, in his understanding, is something that is wanted in a relationship.

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“Number two, no matter what I look like, specifically I don’t have to comb my hair.”he continued saying. “I don’t have to hide his gifts because if I don’t tell him they’re there, he won’t go looking for them”, stated in relation to the third reason.

The fourth reason has to do with his publications in TikTok, as she maintained that “Unless I tell him, he doesn’t know I’m filming it, which is excellent.”. Finally, the fifth reason you gave is that your partner cannot drive. The video that he released, due to everything he said, has already been shared on various social networks.

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