You will have to wear a mask to go party this weekend: the self-tests are not yet applicable

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For this to be the case, a cooperation agreement between the various governments of the country must indeed still be amended and this could take several days.

Since this Saturday morning 7:00 am, strict rules have been applied in the nightlife: in principle, everyone must wear a mouth mask when walking or dancing. But, as this would give rise to strange images, the consultation committee developed an alternative on Wednesday. The mask can thus be removed in nightclubs and dance halls where a negative self-test is presented in addition to their Covid Safe Ticket.

But the royal decree taking the last measures and which the Minister of the Interior Annelies Verlinden (CD&V) published on Friday completely calls this regulation into question, write the Flemish newspapers. One of the paragraphs stipulates that “the obligation to wear a mask does not however apply in these establishments provided that access is organized using certified negative self-tests as soon as the applicable cooperation agreement, such as as modified, will allow it ”. A wording which means that this cooperation agreement between the different governments still needs to be modified, which could take days or even more.

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This agreement forms the legal basis for the request for personal and medical information. It is now a matter of adding a clause which legally enshrines the fact that a discotheque bouncer can request a self-test to grant access to the establishment. For dance halls and nightclubs, this therefore means that they are acting illegally if they request a self-test this weekend.

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