You season 4: Will Joe and Love’s son become a murderer?

Joe and Love were arguably one of the deadliest couples on the small screen. Between them, we can not even count the number of victims. Moreover, in this season 3 of You, broadcast in October on Netflix, Love failed to control himself and killed many neighbors. The small bourgeois town of Madre Linda quickly became a cursed town where no one was safe. Joe therefore had to do the “dirty work” and clean up each of the crime scenes. Moreover, at certain times, his son accompanied him … But then, would it be possible for Henry to follow in his parents’ footsteps and become a murderer?

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Henry never far away! – Credit (s): Netflix

Henry was unlucky. Both her father and her mother are psychopaths and they gave her particularly bloody first months of life. Even though it is only a baby, Henry has witnessed many horror scenes and it should be etched in his memory. So it’s possible that Joe and Love’s son is upset growing up and developing psychological issues. in the series Netflix.

A wise decision?

Nevertheless, it is doubtful that he will become a serial killer. Despite a difficult decision, Joe had the lucidity of mind to abandon his son so that he could grow up in joy, peace and above all love. He therefore entrusted his care to Dante, his friend and former colleague in the library. Since Joe faked his death and Love did indeed lose his life, it is hoped that Henry will not seek to know his origins. In any case, Joe should continue to make victims on his passage in season 4 of You.

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