You, season 4: Penn Badgley got bored of Joe and has a new role in the Netflix series


Penn Badlgey stars You, the Netflix series, for a long time and Joe is one of the favorite characters. But now, the actor has changed roles. He knows all the details.

Penn Badgley in You
© NetflixPenn Badgley in You

The fourth season of You It entered the production process in March of this year and is already in its final stage. Although it is not yet confirmed exactly how many episodes it will have, the truth is that it is close to closing its filming. Even so, at the moment, there is no official release date, but the last edition left all viewers wanting to know more about the story between Joe and Love.

So much so that, for new episodes of You, Penn Badgley will play Joe again while Victoria Pedretti will play Love once again.. Of course, the truth is that an image of him was recently known that shows that he has changed roles. Apparently, the actor got bored of the protagonist and all his dramas, so he decided to position himself behind the scenes.

It was Sera Gamble, the writer of Youwho caught the moment when Penn Badgley is serving as director. From what the creator told, the interpreter will be the director of one of the episodes. “We hired a new director this season, but he seems to know the show really well.Gamble wrote. In the postcard, which he accompanied with this phrase, Badgley is wearing headphones and looking at an image on the camera.

However, for the peace of mind of the fans, the actor only officiated this position in one episode and, even so, he will continue as the protagonist of the Netflix original strip. On more than one occasion it happens that the protagonists of the fictions or some other member of the cast also act as executive producers or directors. In any case, it is unknown which episode Penn directed, but it will surely be known at the time of its premiere.

The fourth season of YouAlthough it does not have an official launch date, it would be scheduled to launch between the end of 2022 and the beginning of 2023. Even so, the official confirmation about a day or an approximation could arrive in TUDUM. Netflix will celebrate, once again, its exclusive party for fans on September 24 where the best announcements and promotions are expected for the remainder of this year and the beginning of the next.

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