You season 3: The series dethrones Squid Game with an unprecedented record

This is new! While we thought the series Squid Game unbeatable, here is the latter – which however broke a record on Netflix a few days ago – has just had her hair done at the post. Indeed, the Korean show created by Hwang Dong-hyuk is no longer the king of the savannah in the middle of streaming platforms. And for good reason, Squid Game just saw another Netflix series grab him the first place in an unprecedented record. This exceptional challenger is none other than You. The series worn by Penn Badgley which tells about the setbacks of Joe, a serial killer who can not help but be obsessed with his love interests … to the point of killing them!

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Season 3 of You on Netflix – Credit (s): Netflix

A major competitor who saw his popularity explode with the release of his season 3 on October 15 on Netflix. A growing celebrity who has therefore allowed You to overthrow Squid Game, as the site reported Deadline.

Indeed, You just got ahead Squid Game as the most viewed series of the year in the United States in the famous ranking established by Nielsen (an American company that deciphers tastes and analyzes what people watch). A podium which therefore brings together the shows of the most popular platforms such as Netflix, Prime Video, Disney +, Apple TV and Hulu. According to Nielsen, season 3 of You would therefore have been viewed nearly 2.7 billion minutes, against only 1.3 billion minutes for Squid Game. Like what, anything can happen! Besides, Deadline then points out that of the ten shows listed in the ranking, eight are original creations of the giant Netflix. Hats off!

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