You: Penn Badgley thinks the show ends in season 5

Penn Badgley, star of the series You (You), believes that the 5th season will be the last of the series.

In an interview with indiewire, the actor begins by saying, “I feel like we need to do another season. It seems to me that Joe needs to get what he deserves, and now he has to fall even lower because he has all this power and wealth. But of course that’s not up to me. I don’t know where [a série] going,” he said.

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Still according to him, the plan was always 5 seasons for You.

“I know the show’s creators have always thought of this upcoming season as the last, if ever there was to be another. And it’s probably going to be a spectacular conclusion, because it seems to me that something is on the way for it to be the last season.”

Badgley adds that “To me, it feels like this [a 4ª temporada] is Part 1 of Joe’s climax. If there is a next season, it will be Part 2. That’s how I feel.”

More About You on Netflix

The series You (You) stars Penn Badgley and premiered in 2008 on Netflix. The actor is also known for Gossip Girl. He has received rave reviews for his work on You since the first season.

Exceeding expectations, You became one of Netflix’s most successful series. Production conquered its space in the streaming giant.

Netflix surprised You fans with one of the show’s biggest twists yet in Part 2 of Season 4. Apparently, it had been planned for years.

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