"You need two chairs there!" : Astrid Nelsia reveals her sulphurous curves, a detail calls out to Internet users

Many Internet users are not kind to reality TV contestants. Abuse of surgery, excessive alterations, romantic dating … Each of their actions are often scrutinized and criticized in great detail. Yet when it comes to Astrid Nelsia, her virtual community is formal. The latter is a fan whatever the choices of the young woman. In particular, when presenting his new attributes on social networks. And for good reason … A year ago, to the day, the pretty brunette had reserved a nice surprise for her subscribers.

After succumbing to the scalpel for the umpteenth time, Astrid Nelsia unveiled the result of her last cosmetic surgery. In an Instagram publication, Internet users were able to discover, amazed, the new buttocks of the reality TV star. Enough to start the new year in style! “HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! Take care of yourself and think of yourself before you think of others. This is the best advice I can give you. Life is too short to waste it“, she wrote in the caption. But the beauty of her half-naked body had quickly taken over. “Beautiful”, “My wife”, “Beautiful”, “Amazing the view”, “Let me be the pillow you sit on”, “It’s that kind of self-confidence that all women should have” , “Oowww Astrid”, “2021 is off to a good start!”, exclaimed his followers. It takes little to be happy !

And since then, Astrid Nelsia has continued to perfect the curves of her figure during cosmetic surgery operations of all kinds. The bimbo never hid it. She is greatly appreciated by her virtual community and she is determined to return the device to her. This is why on this Sunday, January 9, 2022, the young woman could not resist. On her Instagram account, the former candidate for the Princes of Love shared a very hot shot of her posterior. Causing, at the same time, a veritable flood … of criticism. “Wouaaaa disproportionate crazy, take it off it’s better naturally”, “Wesh, what is it !!!”, “Olalala but the TV is brainwashing you … Who seriously thinks that is beautiful?”, “He you need two chairs there! “,” It does not go at all … “, can we read in the comments. Once is not custom. Astrid Nelsia’s paraphernalia was not unanimous.

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