"You hit on my wife", "Elijah here is a bitch" : Elie Semoun dezinced live on the radio by a famous French actor

At 42, Max Boublil is already at the head of a prosperous career in several fields. Often seen in the cinema or on the small screen, he is also a screenwriter and voice actor. Let us not forget either that he is an accomplished comedian with several successful shows. Finally, the one who was born in Paris and is actually named Maximilien, is a singer with several singles to his credit.

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If the professional side, everything is fine, the private side, stability is also at the rendezvous. The comedian has been in a relationship for over 15 years with fashion journalist Virginie Benarroch. “My wife is beautiful. She is athletic and not at all showbiz. She is a fashion journalist. She doesn’t hesitate to yell at me when she finds me very badly dressed ” he said about him in the columns of Paris Match in 2015. Together, they are the happy parents of two young girls and the confinement of 2020 was not therefore easy … “I discovered children that I did not know. I fathered two little monstershe launched in May 2020 on Europe 1.

Elijah here is a bitch “
This Thursday, November 25, 2021, Max Boublil was invited on the set of the show “Les Grosses Têtes” on RTL radio… alongside Élie Semoun. When the latter pretended not to know him, he did not hesitate to make a scathing point: “Yet you hit on my wife“he replied, causing a general laughter on the set of Laurent Ruquier.

Determined to settle scores, Max Boublil then provided more details on the tone of humor so as not to create tensions either: “You should already know that Mr. Elie here is a bitch. What happened was that once we had a fight with my wife. Elie had learned about it and he sent him messages on Instagram “. Against all expectations, Élie Semoun did not seek to deny and even admitted that his wife was “very pretty”. “I’m a flirty again. I have been single for a week ” he added all smiles. Fortunately, despite this awkward little exchange, the two comedians remained very calm and finished the show smoothly.

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