"You have to do something, please" : how Emmanuel Macron asked Stéphane Bern to help France win Eurovision

Almost a year ago, on May 22, 2021, the final of the 65th edition of Eurovision took place, live from the Ahoy Arena in Rotterdam, and broadcast on France 2 with comments from Stéphane Bern and Laurence Boccolini. During an evening then followed by nearly 5.5 million viewers in France, Barbara Pravi won second place in the competition behind the members of the Italian group Maneskin and their song Zitti e Buoni. The victory which was played in a pocket handkerchief since only twenty-five points separated the Transalpine from the French.

But a few hours after Italy’s victory, a crazy question then burned everyone’s lips. Could the winners be disqualified? Indeed, images of the evening then showed the singer in a position which suggested that he was ingesting cocaine. “I don’t take drugs. Please guys. Don’t really say that, no cocaine. please don’t say that“, he then insisted during a press conference. And then to evoke a “broken glass” which he would therefore have sought to pick up.

Faced with a possible reversal of the situation, many of our compatriots began to hope for a final victory for Barbara Pravi. And some then did everything to make this scenario possible. Starting with the Head of State himself. Indeed, in an interview given to the BBC, Stéphane Bern reveals that Emmanuel Macron would have sent him an SMS when the scandal had just broken out: “You have to do something, please“. Clément Beaune, Secretary of State for European Affairs, present in Rotterdam during the competition, would also have sent him messages saying “What do we have to do ? What do we have to do ? do something please“and thus favor the French victory of France.”But what could I have done? I was not the host. I am not the president of Eurovision!“, declared Stéphane Bern to our British colleagues.


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