"You do not assume!", Alizée settles her accounts on Instagram, the singer can not take it anymore!

It has to stop. Between Alizée and her little four-legged companions, it’s a real love story. And there is no question for her to abandon them one day, unlike other families who, without mercy, leave a kitten or a bitch on the side of the road before running away. And this situation, the singer can not take it anymore.

Mother of two little girls, Alizée and Grégoire Lyonnet are also the happy parents of several dogs: Jon Snow, the big protective blanket, Galak the little chihuahua, Nala, the little new Labrador adopted in a shelter, and finally Groot, the youngest , a harlequin dachshund adopted on October 30th. A happy family reunited in one and the same house.

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As a committed woman, if Alizée loves animals and does her utmost to help as many of them as possible by welcoming them to her family home, the singer also fights against abandonment. This Wednesday, November 17, Maggy’s mother shared a very direct story. Internet users can thus discover a photo with a puppy and the inscription “If you want that”, followed by an older dog “And do not assume that”, then an unhappy dog ​​in a cage “And that you are going to do that “, before ending with a photo of a” Buy This “plush toy. A clear message, which will undoubtedly make some people concerned question themselves.

This is not the first time that Alizée has shared a message concerning the abandonment of animals. But unfortunately, since the end of confinements, the SPA struggles every day a little more to succeed in finding a place for new animals abandoned for no reason. Sometimes even still very young.

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