"You are nothing" : Benjamin Castaldi takes it all in the face in TPMP!

The “pookies” were back this Thursday, November 18, 2021 in “Touche pas à mon poste”! Cyril Hanouna has unveiled some crisp files on his columnists. We learned in particular that Delphine Wespiser who found herself completely naked and locked in a shower at the Canal Factory, the recording studio of TPMP. Fortunately, the former Miss France was “saved” by Benjamin Castaldi. “She couldn’t open the door. She said, ‘Help, help! Who can help me open the door? Me as a good Samaritan, I asked her if she didn’t mind me coming. help her (…) So I saved her from this shower where she was a prisoner, “reveals Simon’s dad, Julien, Enzo and Gabriel.

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“I am better than Hanouna”

After the revelation of this huge file on Delphine Wespiser and Benjamin Castaldi, Cyril Hanouna unveiled a new file on the former host of “Secret Story”. Apparently, Benjamin Castaldi would take pleasure behind the scenes to “brag” about the audiences achieved during his stint in “Vivement dimanche”, last weekend. While teasing Cyril Hanouna who would have gathered fewer viewers in front of their TV when he was invited to the same show two weeks earlier.

“Benjamin Castaldi boasted of having had more audiences by passing to Michel Drucker than Cyril Hanouna on the same red sofa,” reveals the host of TPMP. A file unveiled by Gilles Verdez who gave more details: “For several days, Castaldi arrives very early, exceptionally early in boxes to make this speech: ‘I’m better than Hanouna, I’m going to steal the audience so sorrel. I’m living a second life as a star. But Benjamin, you are nothing more. ” A tackle that aroused laughter from the public! “Poor man, no it’s not true,” reacted Cyril Hanouna before being interrupted by Gilles Verdez. “Or not much”, continues the columnist supported by the boss of TPMP: “Yes there”.


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