“You are going to close it!”: a deputy gets carried away during an electric session at the National Assembly

FranceThe end of the day reserved for the LFI group in the Assembly turned sour on Thursday evening, the opposition castigating the “maneuvers” of the presidential camp to prevent the holding of a sensitive vote on the reinstatement of unvaccinated caregivers.

“You are going to close it!”, notably launched in the hemicycle, exasperated, the deputy of Guadeloupe Olivier Serva (LIOT group), to the address of Renaissance deputies who challenged him during his speech, causing a suspension of the session. The elected ultramarine, who denounced the techniques used to slow down the debates, then took the floor again. “You use petty subterfuges, like your ideals, you smear democracy with your baseness, you are in the minority, accept it.”

“Government contempt”

The ultra-marine deputies from the various benches of the Assembly, who came in large numbers to support the bill under discussion, came to express their anger in front of the press, faced with the “contempt of the government” with regard to the situation of the establishments of health in their territories. “With us, those who have a complete vaccination schedule, it’s less than 20%,” said one of them.

“People are dying in our house on stretchers, we only accept (not) the deputies of La République en Marche (previous name of Renaissance, editor’s note) with their smirks or that Mr. Véran with his legendary arrogance come to despise us”, stormed the deputy of Martinique Jean-Philippe Nilor (LFI). “You should be ashamed!”, Also dropped at the address of the macronists Olivier Marleix, the leader of the LR group, whose deputies were favorable to the text of LFI, just like the RN group.

With requests for the suspension of sessions, reminders of regulations and the filing of amendments in a hurry, the presidential camp compromised the holding of the vote on this text under discussion, which the oppositions seemed able to get adopted, against the opinion of the government. During the many adjournments, loud voices between deputies were audible in the corridors of the Assembly.

Level of tension “never seen” in twelve years

Dispatched to the hemicycle, government spokesman Olivier Véran spoke of a “level of tension never seen in twelve years in Parliament”. The leader of the LFI deputies Mathilde Panot estimated that the executive had “crossed a red line”, by taking part “in the obstruction” during the “parliamentary niche” of the Insoumis. Such a day, during which an opposition group can set the agenda, must end whatever happens at midnight, without the possibility of continuing the debates in the event of an unfinished examination of a text.

LFI’s bill called for the reintegration of staff who had not been vaccinated against Covid-19 in health and emergency establishments, to make up for staffing shortages. “What signal do we want to give to those who were there on the front line, who got vaccinated?” said the Minister of Health, François Braun. In hospitals, vaccinated caregivers say that “if we reintegrate the unvaccinated, they are the ones who leave”. Mr. Braun had indicated on Sunday that he would decide on the reinstatement or not of unvaccinated caregivers when he has received the opinions of the High Authority for Health and the National Consultative Ethics Committee.


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