You: A season 5 and an upcoming spin-off? The author of the books continues the adventure

That those who will one day be tired of the series You raise your hand! In any case, it will not be us and even less the author of the books. While a fourth season of You is in the works on Netflix, there may well be a sequel as well. Indeed, Caroline Kepnes, the writer of books around Joe, revealed to the Hollywood Reporter currently working on a fourth book. As a reminder, season 1 was based on the 1st novel You (Perfect in VF), season 2 of the 2nd book, Hidden Bodies (The hidden bodies in VF) and season 3 is a new story, it is not based on the 3rd part You Love Me. This fourth round of episodes could therefore be inspired by the 3rd book, and a potential season 5 on the 4th currently being written.

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You — Crédit(s) : Netflix

Caroline Kepnes said she had more trouble writing this fourth book because of the current context : “It’s very difficult. I wrote a first draft this year, with a lot of pandemic. Now I’m getting back to it, because I’m going to situate it a little later, I’m almost sure of it. in a new place and a dream that he did not allow himself to have, he will be able to live it “. However, she confides, if the inspiration is there, Joe’s story could last for many more beautiful years. : “I’m my gut feeling because when I was writing You halfway I was like, ‘Oh my God, I want to do another one and another one’, I had this fever. Now I’m trying to write the next one and the ending makes me want to carry on. So I just carry on with that feeling, as long as it feels alive to me, as long as the editors want to publish it and the readers want more. For me it has a lot of things to live, unfortunately, and fortunately “.

This is not the only good news shared by the author at Hollywood Reporter. In the third book You, the character of Love is still alive. Caroline Kepnes being particularly attached to her heroine, she admits to thinking about developing a book centered on her. Now that she is dead on the Netflix series, it remains to be seen if a spin-off project could be of interest to subscribers. In the meantime, that the fans are reassured, this fourth season of You is certainly not the last, because during its renewal announcement, the streaming platform did not mention that it was the ultimate salvo!

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