Yohan Mollo stolen from 10 million euros by his agents

Still an amateur footballer in Hyères, Yohan Mollo has serious banking problems. The former Caen, Monaco and Saint-Etienne player has revealed that his agents have defrauded him for several million euros.

A character player, Yohan Mollo was a notable player in the French Ligue 1 championship during the years 2000-2010. His career took him to Monaco, Caen, Nancy and Saint-Etienne. He also played abroad in renowned clubs like Fulham or Zenith Saint-Petersburg. His last professional club was Panathinaikos before joining Hyères FC in National 2 last summer. In theory, the midfielder has nothing left to gain in football and can now play for fun. However, his post-career turns into a nightmare since he revealed to have been defrauded by his former agents. It would have cost him at least ten million euros.

Banned from banking, Mollo now turns to justice

Yohan Mollo described his journey and his story for The square media. A little naive, he was misled by his former agents who guaranteed him a reliable plan to grow his money after football. “ Fairly early in my career, I went to an official building to present myself with life insurance. They explained to me that all the money I would earn would go into this life insurance and that in fact it would bear fruit for my post-career, but that for eight or nine years I couldn’t get that money. Every December 31, I received the receipts of what I had won, those were fake “, he details.

But, behind his back, his representatives diverted the money to their benefit, contracting credits and loans using their client’s banking information. They stole 10 to 15 million euros according to Yohan Mollo, including his Russian agent when he played at Zenith. Today, the situation of the former Saint-Etienne is precarious and he is asking for compensation.

Today, I am banned from banking, registered with the Banque de France and I am on trial with all the banks because I owe money from everywhere. What’s happening to me I don’t deserve. Agents who come in and say I’m your big brother. And today, the only response from all these people is I don’t know what you’re talking about. One admitted the facts. […] I had a confrontation last Wednesday and we will say that there is a date I think in September. At the level of judgment we will try to shed some light on all the leads. I demand my due, I demand justice “, he explains. A brutal and sad story that once again reminds us how ruthless football is, especially when dishonest people get involved.

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