Yet again: "Take Me Out"-Boy flirts with moderator Jan

Right in the middle there instead of just! Jan Köppen (38) actually works as a moderator in the role of Cupid at Take Me Out. He helps the single man in question to choose the right date partner from among the 30 candidates. But already in the last episode he was shot at by a candidate with love arrows. The moderator seems to be well received by the men – now he has been flirted heavily again!

“My name is Niklas and I come from Gießen in beautiful Central Hesse,” the new single man introduced himself. “That’s where I come from!” Remarked Jan surprised. “Now I have to be local patriotic for a moment. Only good people come from Giessen,” he added. When the 28-year-old asked the boys for their opinion on Niklas, candidate Sascha started his flirting offensive Jan. “First of all, I’ll hold on to it: the two best-looking men are apparently from Giessen”stressed the bald man. Jan responded surprised and flattered to the compliment. “Greetings to Central Hesse,” he said and waved laughing at the camera.

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Candidate Sascha buzzed himself out after his flirtation and decided against a date with single man Niklas. He chose Michael, although there was even a man among the buzzer boys whom he also found likeable and even knew!

Moderator Jan Köppen with the candidate from “Take Me Out – Boys, Boys, Boys”
"Take Me Out"-Kandidat Sascha, November 2021

Instagram / therealbeardedphoenix

“Take Me Out”-Kandidat Sascha, November 2021
"Take Me Out"-Kandidat Sascha, September 2021

Instagram / therealbeardedphoenix

“Take Me Out”-Kandidat Sascha, September 2021

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