Yemil: Have you made music during this period of judicial process?

Cesar Fula

Recently, the Public Ministry announced the sentence of 6 years and 3 months in prison for crimes of damage against the Panamanian singer of urban music Yemil, who even facing legal issues does not seem to be a reason to stop his artistic career, since he remains very active in the music world.

Although it is true, Yemil has been in the eye of the hurricane due to various personal controversies that have led him to be giving statements in court since 2019, however, those who believed that this would be an obstacle to his career turned out the opposite because scandals have caused it to remain popular with public opinion.

Signature with label

Despite bearing in mind a 5-year prison sentence by the Public Ministry, the VLA Music record studio bets on Yemil, who despite knowing the shadows of the artist decide to sign him, and what a signing it turned out for him as soon as commercially speaking since the interpreter’s popularity numbers have taken off in recent months.

Trend in digital platforms

Currently Yemil remains among the most famous on the YouTube digital platform, since his theme “influencer” has managed to reach 5.5 million views in which he remains number 3 on the YouTube trend list.

New jobs

Yemil has not stopped working on his career, because a couple of months ago he released a single in collaboration with fellow singer BCA entitled “Mi Pistola” that was quite accepted by his fans; and, as if that were not enough, he also released “Dressing room” with Cletz.

Very successful in his recent collaborations, but the song with which he has had the most success and has sold like hot cakes is definitely “Influencer”, which is still increasing views on all digital platforms. Also, collaboration on the album ” Always Dream” by the Panamanian producer Dímelo Flow with the song “Masoquista”

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