Yellow on changes to the bulletin. Ministry: "Does the hospitalization account change? No formal act"

Covid intensive care (Imagoeconomica)

Rome, January 14, 2022 – Rumors about the changes to the Covid bulletin. In the morning the agencies break out the news of one circular of the Ministry of Health who would expect to no longer count as “Covid admissions” patients positive to Sars Cov2 (asymptomatic) who are in hospital for causes other than Covid. Circular that would accept the requests of the Regions, with Lombardy as the leader. According to the advances, the principle of separation of paths and departments would remain unchanged: whoever has the infection must be separated from other patients.

The Ministry itself though denies that at the moment there are definite decisions and takes time. “Regarding today’s press rumors about changes to the count of hospitalized patients it is stated that no formal act has been ordered. Without prejudice to what was recognized yesterday by the Istituto Superiore di Sanità, dialogue with the Regions is obviously always open “.

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In recent days the ‘front’ of experts has grown asking to correct the counting criteria in hospitals. Not all requests would have been accepted by the government in the alleged circular. Symptom-free positives would continue to be included in the case balance. After all – and the Ministry refers to this – the ISS has ruled in this sense: “Don’t supervise these cases not would make it possible monitor the progress of the virus circulation over time “and would not allow” to identify variants “.

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