Yellow flames, poisons and denunciations: the internal war of the Guardia di Finanza in Marsala. Now the judge has to decide on the filing

They had produced information full of “shortcomings and gaps” in which they accused the colleague of a series of crimes, Antonio Lubranocommander of the judicial police section of the Guardia di Finanza of the Prosecutor of Marsala. From these had arisen the processes against him from which, however, he was acquitted. After the acquittal, Lubrano filed a complaint against unknown persons for slander, forgery and ill-treatment. Complaints that are now from archivealso because the prescription is imminent, even if it would be appropriate to evaluate them “under the disciplinary profile“, Write the prosecutors of Trapani, Eleonora Sciorella And Giulia Signaroldi in the storage request. However, Lubrano opposed it, in the quality of the offended party, so that now it will be the investigating judge Catherine Brignone due to decide next February 22 (date of the next hearing) on ​​the internal warfare which has been consumed for years inside the Finance Police of Trapani. A war that went on with complaints and about which there are still few certainties, except one: the information that accused Lubrano was “severely lacking” as has now been reaffirmed by several judges. Also from the prosecutors who are now asking for the authors of the information to be archived.

But let’s start from the beginning. Antonio Lubrano from 1995 he joined the judicial police of the Prosecutor of Marsala, which three years later he will be called to lead. Under the guidance of the prosecutor Antonino Sciuto and then of Alberto Di Pisathe team of judicial police carries out numerous investigations against members of the police force, including financiers. Twenty years of investigations which also involved the forces of order Pantelleria to Castelvetrano. Di Pisa retired on 31 December 2015. A few days earlier, exactly on 3 December, a anonymous exhibit which contains accusations against Lubrano. The complaint gives way to an investigation by the military prosecutor with delegation to the provincial commander of the Guardia di Finanza of Trapani, Pasquale Pilerci, who in turn delegates the commander of the tax police, Michele Ciarla. The investigations are carried out from July to August 2016 and conclude with three annotations sent to the military prosecutor of Naples and to the Marsala prosecutor’s office in which Lubrano is accused of various crimes: from ideological fake to the trafficking of illicit influences up to the revelation of official secrets.

The accusations made by the leaders of the Finance Guard from Trapani lead to the opening of various criminal proceedings. Some are archived, like the one for trafficking in illicit influences, for which the investigating magistrate asks for the filing, indicating that the “related crime reports appear prima facie unfounded”. Same outcome for the investigations for disclosure of official secrecywhile the charge of crime of false ideological “was formulated on the basis of completely modified sentences with respect to the actual content of the telephone conversations of theomission of conversations which would have easily made it possible to arrive at a different reconstruction of the story, of an incorrect temporal collocation of the transcribed conversations (so as to lead to an erroneous reconstruction of the succession of events) “, wrote the investigating judge Gianlugi Viscoof the military court of Naples reconstructing the story.

In total there are five criminal proceedings while proceedings aimed at the suspension from service of Lubrano: all charges dropped, somehow. So, later archiving And acquittalsthe former head of the judicial police of Marsala decides to file a complaint against unknown persons by denouncing slanderfalse ideology, unauthorized access to interception systems, abuse of office and mistreatment. The complaint was against unknown persons but the investigating magistrate of Naples and the Prosecutor of Trapani put under investigation the colonels Pilerci, Ciarla and the commander of the Trapani Group, Lorenzo Vanella. The allegations, however, are not confirmed by other colleagues from Lubrano: the prosecutors of Trapani then decide to ask the storage. According to the investigators, there was no willful misconduct and there were not “sufficient and suitable elements to effectively support the accusation in court and which, in any case, in relation to the most recent conduct of false ideology and slanderthe penal action could not even more usefully be exercised since the prescription of the aforementioned offences”. But at the same time the two substitutes underline “the opportunity that undoubted shortcomings and gaps found in the work of the military involved in the investigative activity included in the information, are submitted to the attention of the organs of the body to which they belong and carefully evaluated from a disciplinary point of view”. A complex affair on which the decision of the investigating judge Brignone now hangs, which will be expressed on February 22nd.

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