Yavor Baharov is being treated in the village, he is no longer shaking, but fishing

Yavor Baharov is being treated in the village, he is no longer shaking, but fishing

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21 November 2021, 11:00

Yavor Baharov seems to have started treating his weakness for banned substances in the countryside. Since facing the blows of the law on several occasions, the scandalous actor has been trying to stay away from drugs and alcohol. It is easiest for him when he is in nature and does not meet other people. дочу HotArena.Most of Yavor Baharov’s relatives comment that lately it is almost impossible to find him in any city in our country, especially in his native Sofia, except when there are performances or rehearsals. He used every opportunity to retire to the countryside or to nature, even for an hour or two. Most of his engagements lately are in the countryside, precisely to stay away from the noise of the big city. In a TV interview on Wednesday, the curly-haired actor told how hours before his latest premiere, which was in Lovech, he went to the Osam River to calm his tense nerves. He stood on the shore, watching the water and the tension subsided by itself. It is commented in the theatrical circles that until recently the star of the series “Sunny Beach” used completely different means to calm down in such moments. Like any actor, he fell into deep crises before the prime minister, but treated them with alcohol and illicit substances. Only now did he discover that nature was doing the same thing, but without the side effects.Little Baharov has become a passionate fisherman. He spends the whole summer touring the native reservoirs, avoiding the company of other people. Even after the weather gets cold, he does not refuse to cast his rods in rivers and dams. He usually took only his dog with him. The star rarely enjoyed luck in fishing. But whatever he caught, he put it back in the water. If he overeaten fish, he bought it from the store.According to Yavor’s relatives, his passion for villages and nature reflects very well. The fact that he stays away from the city, however, distances him from his wife Raya Peeva. It is known that the couple has not been in a flourishing phase of their relationship lately. What’s more, young people who have been madly in love until recently are less and less often spotted together. They break up now and then, and according to people around them, they no longer know for themselves whether they are together or not. However, Yavor was adamant that he would continue to spend as short a time in Sofia as possible at the expense of villages and small towns. Raya, on the other hand, works full-time at the Youth Theater, which is meters away from the Council of Ministers, and runs a column at BTV, which is housed in the National Palace of Culture. Because of this, even if she wants to, she cannot accompany Yavor on his tours of the villages. The two meet less and less often and this will most likely sooner or later lead to their final separation, according to people around them.





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