Yassine Mahi will pass in front of the council chamber on Thursday

The individual attacked a police patrol traveling by car on rue d’Aerschot in Schaerbeek, last Thursday evening, around 7:00 p.m. As the vehicle was stopped at a red light, the man stabbed the driving officer in the neck and stabbed the passenger officer in the arm. The latter had the reflex to call for reinforcements and a second patrol arrived on the scene. She neutralized the perpetrator by shooting him.

The two injured officers were rushed to hospital. The first, 29-year-old Thomas Montjoie, died of his serious neck injury. The second, 23-year-old Jason P., was treated and released from hospital on Saturday afternoon. As for the author of the attack, Yassine M., aged 32, he was also hospitalized, where he was placed under arrest warrant.

This man, domiciled in Evere, had presented himself, the morning of the facts, in a police station of his commune. He said he felt hatred towards the police and asked for psychological support.

Yassine Mahi’s lawyer declined to comment at this time.

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