Yasmin Brunet vents after being a victim of harassment: “I’m disgusted and traumatized!”

The model Yasmin Brunet34, used Instagram Stories to vent after being a victim of harassment.

On the social network, she vented saying that being a woman “is a daily test”, which recorded the face of the man who harassed her and who almost “cryed with hate” after the situation:

“Being a woman is a daily test. Once again harassed and you know what the guy says to the security guard? That I’m drunk, that I’m making it up… Everyone saw it and he has the nerve to lie like that. Holding myself so I don’t cry with hate for being in this situation once again “, she began.

Without giving details of how and where it all happened, Yasmin added: “I honestly feel more and more traumatized when men come to me because of these situations. A man will never know what it’s like to be a woman. When we feel like a thing, a piece of meat that has been placed on Earth for their enjoyment. Disgust,” she continued she.

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