Yasmin Brunet thanks woman who took care of her cat after losing it: "he doesn’t care"

To model Yasmin Brunet used his Instagram this Tuesday afternoon (16/11) to communicate to his followers and fans that his cat, Simba, was found. Last Monday (11/15) Yasmin asked for help on the social network after the animal left the house and ended up getting lost.

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“Look who’s here, guys! We found this runaway! I’m going for a walk. They found him at the house of a girl, who I want to thank, he took great care of him. He doesn’t care. Thank God we still have good people in the world” , said Yasmin in a video shared in Stories.

The Simba cat was the first animal that she and her husband, the Olympic surfer Gabriel Medina adopted. The couple has, in all, three cats and four dogs. In a recent Instagram post, Gabriel commented on the experience of rescuing homeless animals. “I adopted and my life changed. Adopt too. Today I came here to talk about a very important subject that is now part of my life: animal adoption. I never thought much about it and I confess that I didn’t really understand how important adopting is and impacting their lives and the lives of animals. One day I saw them abandoned on the street and something touched me deeply. I stopped the car and decided in that second that I would take them home and fill them with love and affection”, began Gabriel .

“Give them the life all animals deserve. We ended up adopting two puppies who came in so hungry that they cried every time we put food for them and gulped it down so fast like there was no more food later. It broke my heart. We also adopted one. kitten we saw in the middle of a road alone and weak. I don’t think it would survive alone for long. It was there that Yasmin and I stopped the car and took the kitten without thinking twice,” concluded the athlete.

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