Yasmin Brunet sensualizes in new lingerie click: "your little doll"

This Friday afternoon (09/05), the digital influencer and model Yasmin Brunet used her Instagram profile to share a new click, where she appears wearing black lingerie, complete with pantyhose and a feather coat.

“Out of the box, so cute. Nice to meet you, your little doll,” Yasmin wrote in the post’s caption, using the song’s snippet “little doll” by the singer and drag queen Gloria Groove.

The model ended up receiving a lot of praise in the comments of her new photo. “Wonderful,” said one follower. “Too hot,” said another. “Sexy”, praised a fan of Yasmin. “Then Gabriel cries”, said another follower, making a joke with Gabriel Medinaher ex-husband.

Yasmin Brunet has been single since the end of her marriage to the surfer in January. Recently, the model complained that she is not being flirted with when she goes out to clubs. “Me wanting to live a romance, but no one comes to me when I go out… guys can come”, she said on her social networks.

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