Yara: the movie about the Gambirasio murder will arrive on TV on Canale 5

Yara, the film directed by Marco Tullio Giordana with Alessio Boni and Isabella Ragonese, which reconstructs the murder of the young Yara Gambirasio, will soon arrive on TV, in the air on Canale 5.

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Wound, the film by Marco Tullio Giordana on the Gambirasio murder, will come soon on TV on Canale 5. A press release from Mediaset announced the first free-to-air view, even without revealing the actual date of broadcasting.

Yara poster

Produced by Mediaset itself and by TaoDue, Yara reconstructs the murder of the very young girl Yara Gambirasio, killed at the age of 13 in 2010 in Brembate di Sopra, in the province of Bergamo. Available in streaming on Netflix since November 5th, the film is proving to be a great international success: at the moment, in fact, it is the most viewed non-English content globally among subscribers to the world’s leading streaming service.
With the landing on Canale 5, it will then be available on demand also on the Mediaset Infinity platform.

In 2010, the case of the murder of Yara Gambirasio shocked Italian public opinion, arousing outrage and the request to find the person responsible for the crime as soon as possible. On November 26 of that year, in Brembate di Sopra, a small town in the Bergamo area, thirteen-year-old Yara finishes her rhythmic gymnastics lesson at the sports center where she cultivates her dream of becoming a professional athlete. After leaving the gym, however, Yara will not return home. Thus begins a long period in which searches for Yara’s disappearance follow one another, becoming frenetic and ending up on the front pages of newspapers and television programs. Everyone seems to know everything about Yara, but no one discovers anything, nor is they really useful to help the Gambirasio family.

When Yara’s lifeless body is finally found, an autopsy will reveal an unknown DNA fragment, possibly belonging to the killer. The sweeping searches in the area will shake the entire community, which will finally begin to collaborate. At the end of the investigation, the clues available to the Bergamo prosecutor will lead to a suspect, the worker Massimo Bossetti, never taken into consideration by the investigators until then. Did everyone do their duty completely in this affair?

In the cast of Yara Isabella Ragonese, Alessio Boni, Thomas Trabacchi, Sandra Toffolatti, Mario Pirrello Mario, Roberto Zibetti, as Massimo Bossetti and Chiara Bono as Yara Gambirasio.

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