Yao Cabrera’s representative reacted to his separation after his complaint to L-Gante: "I’m…"

Although he is in his professional prime, L-Gante is living a hard time after fighting with the representative Christian Manzanelli in the presentation of the fight between Yao Cabrera and the Chinese Maidana to later be reported for attempted murder.

Although the singer of “Cumbia 420“It was only the event since he is a friend of the renowned influencer, Elian Angel Valenzuela ended up involved in an unusual discussion for which he was charged “wrongly“.

Before the legal action of his representative, Cabrera decided to dismiss Manzanelli from his representative body and gave his public support to the boyfriend of Tamara Baez: I make this video to announce to everyone the separation of Christian Manzanelli from my representation team due to what happened in the press conference that we did recently with Chino Maidana for a small inconvenience that started by Christian Manzanelli“.

Yao Cabrera banned L-Gante and released Christian Manzanelli.

Things ended very bad, ended in an act of violence to which I am 100% against and there was a person who is wrongly reported today. Because of that, today, Yao Cabrera announces that Christian Manzanelli is no longer in my representation body and I give my public support to L-Ghent, you must be having a horrible time. Elián is my friend and he was cool to my event and he does not deserve anything that is happening to him“, expressed the instagrammer on his social networks.

Then, the press officer agreed with Yao Cabrera’s decision to unlink him and shared a short message on his networks: “I agree with the decision because he is his friend and it is understandable“.

Watch the video in which Yao Cabrera disassociates his representative for his fight with L-Gante!

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