Yannick sex scene: That says "Bachelor in Paradise"-Mimi

What does Michelle Gwozdz (28) have to say about it? The former Bachelor winner is currently trying her luck again at Bachelor in Paradise to find love. There she met Yannick Syperek, with whom she already had something going on before the show. The two bonded again, but after an argument, the musician had fun with the candidate Emily von Strasser (24) in bed. celebrity flash now asked her: What does Mimi say about Yannick’s alleged sex scene?

The next day after his dalliance, the 28-year-old Mimi didn’t tell anything about it. So how was it for you to see the recordings? “Pictures say more than a thousand words – everyone can imagine how I felt when I saw the pictures”the influencer said in an interview celebrity flash to. Seeing that now hurt Mimi a lot: “Of course it’s not nice and it’s definitely hurtful to see something like that, because I thought we were on the right track to address everything and communicate openly.”

Mimi tries to explain why exactly Yannick had something with Emily that evening: “He may have had a few too many glasses. Then there was the argument, emotionally he was definitely upset and wanted to leave paradise – I think there’s a lot going on.” Nevertheless, the 28-year-old made it clear: That doesn’t explain why he didn’t tell or hint at her at the time.

“Bachelor in Paradise” will air weekly starting November 3, 2022 RTL+.

Emily von Strasser, “Bachelor in Paradise” candidate 2022

Bachelor in Paradise, RTL

Yannick and Mimi, “Bachelor in Paradise” 2022
Yannick and Mimi, “Bachelor in Paradise” 2022

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