Yann Moix: knocked out by Charlotte Valandrey’s family after his tribute… "He never answered calls from Charlotte who needed him"

After a very long battle with illness, actress Charlotte Valandrey died on July 12 at the age of 53. Since she was 18, the actress had been fighting against HIV and the terrible virus finally took her after a second heart transplant. Treated with triple therapy which damaged her heart over the years, the actress had undergone a first heart transplant in 2003 before undergoing a second last June which was fatal to her.

In the columns of Paris Match magazine, Yann Moix was able to pay tribute to Charlotte Valandrey. The writer did not fail to tell his story with the actress via three full pages. We can for example read: “She had a heart, even when it was not hers. Charlotte Valandrey is dead: she was not really a friend; rather the sister that I should have had” before giving herself up on his memories with the actress and to discuss their rapprochement, their love and a supposed marriage proposal.

“Never, I thought, could I spend my life with AIDS – his, his which would become mine. , who did not want her because of death” he wrote before concluding: “Charlotte died without telling me, with a modesty of her own”.

A tribute that surprises and shocks
If Yann Moix thought he was doing well by paying such a tribute to the deceased actress, he unfortunately drew the wrath of Charlotte Valandrey’s family. On the actress’s Instagram account, her relatives expressed their anger by posting a message entitled “The Truth”.

A text written to make things clear about this closeness addressed by Yann Moix: “No one among those closest is aware of this complicity. What we know is a brief rapprochement without a love story when they were young but above all not much since” is it specified.

“When he worked on Saturday evening on television, the columnist never answered calls from Charlotte who needed him. That’s show business, fraternal support”, continues the family of the actress in this press release before concluding: “We love you Charlotte and owe you this truth. Rest in peace now”.

Aliénor de la Fontaine

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