Yann Barthès: why the host of "Daily" is he violently taken to task in the scandal targeting PPDA?

For several weeks, the scandal surrounding Patrick Poivre d’Arvor has taken on a new dimension. There was this issue of “Complément d’Enquête” where new women denounced the alleged actions of the former TF1 star. And since the day before yesterday, Tuesday March 10, other women have come to corroborate the theory which insinuates that the journalist would have been a dangerous sexual predator. “It is an exceptional event. The women whose stories you are about to hear have never been brought together on the same show“, announced the journalist and presenter of Mediapart Valentine Oberti. A real shock set brought together and animated by the former columnist of “Daily” and which overwhelms Patrick Poivre d’Arvor. A shame when you know that it is precisely on the set of Yann Barthès’ show that the former presenter of TF1’s 8 p.m. had come to proclaim his innocence and started his media counter-attack.

Because this interview orchestrated after the first accusations of Florence Porcel, many still have it in the throat. Indeed, that evening, when the journalist accused her colleague of having sexually assaulted her, Yann Barthès offered PPDA the opportunity to speak. And during a fairly courteous exchange, where the host of TMC lets the accused calmly unroll his line of defense, the discomfort is palpable.

But for some women, that evening, Yann Barthès lacked guts. “The media trial, it was he who hired him on March 3, 2021 when he went to Yann Barthès who was nil, nil, nil at the interview level, who was in his little slippers, and PPDA, we would give him the good God without confession“said Emmanuelle Dancourt, who filed a complaint in 2021 for sexual assault against Patrick Poivre d’Arvor and who was invited to the microphone of Estelle Denis on RMC. “When he goes to “Quotidien” and there is the complacent and soft-spoken interview with Yann Barthès where he deplores the anonymity of the attacks, he takes himself after the cover of Liberation with the women facing the camera and they are courageous.“, adds Géraldine Maillet in TPMP. Very discreet in the media, Yann Barthès has so far never reacted to these attacks.


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