Yanina Screpante’s father glared at Pocho Lavezzi: "It seems to me an injustice what …"

Yanina Screpante and the Few Lavezzi they are still on trial. Days ago the news had come out that the model had to leave the apartment where she was currently living. This was because she lost the housing lawsuit.

Faced with this, the blonde’s father spoke for the first time about the legal cases that his daughter has to carry out. Juan Etchegoyen referenced the issue in “Mitre Live” and said “Eduardo sent me a phrase that speaks for itself that describes the situation and what you feel about this topic. ‘It seems to me an injustice what they do with my daughter’ He has just confessed to me in clear reference to the role of Justice and the actions of Pocho Lavezzi, his former son-in-law ”.

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The journalist explained that he tried to get the model’s father to speak, but preferred not to. In addition to having confessed that first he had to consult with his daughter. In any case, with the sentence that he sent, he already implied his position on the subject that his heiress is dealing with.

On the other hand, Screpante spoke about the subject and said: “As soon as we parted we spoke in person. I told him ‘try to leave me something minimally, I left my career that was on the rise as a model and my studies in Interior Design, you told me that I was not going to miss anything’. I bet on love, on family, on a project that, well, didn’t happen “.

Yanina Screpante and Pocho Lavezzi when they were a couple.

At the moment, the fight continues and the trial does not seem to have an end close. Currently the blonde had to leave her Vicente López apartment. In addition to many other assets that are unknown but that are also at stake.

Watch the video where Yanina Screpante’s father talks about his daughter’s trials with Pocho Lavezzi!

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