Yanina Latorre shared her daughter Lola’s achievement: the best photos

Yanina Latorre is very close to her daughter, Lola. They always do everything together and share their lives on social media. On this occasion, the influencer was excited after Lola Latorre debuted with her play.

There you can see several photos of the family supporting the young woman. Dieguito was not present since he had gone on a trip with his friends, according to what the panelist from “THE M” on your Instagram account.

“It was beautiful, emotional, as always supporting her and accompanying her. We went as a family, our best friends and Lola’s came!”the friend of Angel of Brito.

Lola Latorre with her castmates.

There he explained that after the debut they threw a surprise party for the influencer. Y Yanina Torres added: “There is nothing more beautiful than a son fulfilling dreams and advancing on his path!”

For its part, lola latorre She was also very happy to be able to continue fulfilling her dreams and be part of the play “Amor Propio”.

Yanina Latorre with Lola Latorre.

The Latorre family very happy.

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