Yanina Latorre defenested Luciana Salazar: "you look pathetic"

Yes ok Martin Redrado celebrated his marriage to Lulu Sanguinetti with a dream wedding in Italy, the legal conflicts with Luciana Salazar are still standing. Recently the former president of the Central Bank stepped away from the role of father Matilda Salazar, but the model, then assured that “It was always a project of the two”.

In the last hours, the supposed new girlfriend of Julián Álvarez He once again attacked his ex-partner for the contracts that they would have agreed on his paternity.

Although the mythomaniac Redrado continues to say that he is not notified. Not only is it highly notified, but this dispute has been going on since February. Now embargoed by Justice. That continues to violate the rights of a minor. Shame”, I point to the media.

Luciana Salazar spoke about her legal dispute with Martín Redrado in networks.

One of the first to comment on Luciana Salazar’s strong statements about Martín Redrado was Yanina Latorre.

“With all the love in the world. Did he get married and start with this? Posta you look pathetic!“, said the panelist “THE M”.

Yanina Latorre called Luciana Salazar “pathetic”

“Why should he support a daughter that is not his? Did you promise? He signed it? Contracts, companies, etc. are dissolved. Don’t you want him to enjoy his life? shame is this, added witheringly the wife of Diego Latorre.

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