Yaksha, a demon on a mission on Netflix: what is this Korean action film?

In “Yaksha, a demon on a mission”, Park Hae-soo plays a senator in the grip of real justice. But corruption and multiple spies are an obstacle to his ideology. An action thriller available on Netflix on April 8.

South Korean cinema on Netflix

On the Netflix side, we are surfing the wave of successful Asian productions. In effect, South Korean cinema and series are booming on the streaming platform. In particular the series: the audience of Squid Game exploded, crushing all competition. And very recently All Of Us Are Dead established remarkable viewing figures. This year, Netflix plans to unveil dozens of productions from the Asian continent. Evidenced by this new film titled Yaksha, a demon on a mission.

Yaksha, a demon on a mission follows a senator who lands in the heart of a special forces team’s most critical missions. Wanting to establish a proper justice and an honest judgment, he finds himself in front of people opposite to his mode of operation. Which leads him to internal conflicts with his “team”, and clashes that will forge him. Spies hide, and the rhythm of the bullets increases.

Yaksha, a demon on a mission ©Netflix

An actor from Squid Game at the casting

Twists, do you want some here, for this new Netflix film directed by Na Hyun. In order to attract the public, the cast consists of Sol Kyung-gu, but also Park Hae-Soo playing the senator. It is he who embodies Cho Sang-woo in Squid Game. And the actor will not stop there. As proof, he will portray the character of Berlin in the Korean version of Money Heist.

Yaksha, a demon on a mission wonders about justice. Should we use arms and violence to achieve our ends or remain honest at all costs? We no longer know who are the most rotten, those who no longer have any morality. And in this corrupt society, anyone who trusts the first comer can be betrayed in a minute. A sticky action film, without control and without rules…

Yaksha, a demon on a mission is to be discovered on April 8 on netflix.

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