Xuxa is revolted by Deolane’s threats in ‘A Fazenda’ and the lawyer’s sister picks a fight with the presenter

If inside “A Fazenda” Deolane has been causing fear in the participantsoutside the program the public keep commenting about the attorney’s behavior. After picking a fight with a former participant in the program for comparing Deolane to Karol Conká, this time Dayanne Bezerra decided to pick a fight with Xuxa Meneghel. Deolane’s sister said that Xuxa is “in the freezer” after the presenter repudiate the threats made by Deolane to rivalsmainly Barbara Borges.

Through Instagram, Dayanne commented on Xuxawho received a tribute from Anitta at the Latin Grammy and thanked the singer for her support, made a comment proposing a boycott of Deolane after the profile of Bárbara Borges position in relation to Deolane’s threatseven stating that after hitting Babi and Kerline out of the program there would be no consequences.

“Wow, guys, Xuxa showed up to defend her paquita. It’s funny that who is in the freezer is you. Nothing you’ve done has worked, all shows are over, zero audience. I’m glad my family belongs to God, being from God is very goodit’s much better”, shot Deolane’s sister.

Not afraid to pick another fight for her sister by attacking Xuxa, Dayanne continued. 🇧🇷You should put your friend Babi in the freezer🇧🇷 Oh, sorry, it’s been in the freezer for a while, right? Along with the little friend there “, she completed.

Xuxa comes out in defense of Bárbara Borges and detonates Deolane

With a fight during a dynamic, Deolane simulated a punch in Kerline, saying that outside the program he would beat the ex-BBB and warned Bárbara Borges that he will carry out his threat about hitting them and that “it comes to nothing”. Outside the program, Babi’s profile spoke and explained about the positioning and marking the OAB, responsible for the country’s lawyers.

“JIt was absurd for a legal professional to threaten of attacking the participants of A Fazenda 14. Now, in addition to promising to attack Babi, saying that “nothing will come of it”, suggesting that nothing will happen to her under the law. Is this how OAB works?”, questioned Babi’s profile.

🇧🇷Guys… Everyone should stop following this woman and put her in the freezer“, opined Xuxa.

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