Xaiane, from BBB 1, works as a masseuse and reveals how she takes care of her body

The former participant of the first edition of Big Brother Brazil, Cristiane Dantas, More known as Xaiane, is currently working as a masseuse and has been keeping a special routine to take care of his physique.

While confined to the reality show, the carioca came to have a relationship with the champion of the edition, Kleber BamBam, and with the fame she gained during her time on the show, she even posed nude for a men’s magazine in 2002.

According to “Who“, Xaiane comments that the pandemic gave her new opportunities, making her reinvent herself and discover herself as a masseuse. I was out of a job, injured my knee, saw sick friends and acquaintances dying, in short, my head ‘defected’. I left this experience with a feeling of enormous gratitude to my family and friends. I left the old profession and reinvented myself. I took Renata França’s massage course”, said the ex-sister, professionally qualified by the Renata França, known as a celebrity masseuse.

In addition to her training routine at the gym, Xaiane also practices some activities on the beach, such as racquetball. In several posts on social networks, the former BBB appears practicing the sport on the sands of Praia da Barra da Tijuca. “Freshball is my passion. Health and well-being have always been aspects I identified with and I practice with great affection”, she said.

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