Writer Radka Třeštíková (41): She writes almost naked!

Lately, the writer has been revealing herself more than ever before. Apparently, it is because she is enjoying her freedom after her marriage with photographer and cameraman Tomáš Třeštík (44) broke up. As if it wasn’t enough for her, how she performed at the Karlovy Vary Film Festival this year, where she came in a very bold model and showed her bare stomach.

Radka Třeštíková at the Bábovek premiere: I can’t enjoy that movie

After all, the upper part of her body was covered only by a miniature top over her breasts. She later publicly apologized for this inappropriate choice. Now she posted a photo on the social network, where she is wearing only a pair of purple swimsuits. Again, she exposed her enviable figure and showed her tattoo under her breasts, which she had surgically modified some time ago. “In a swimsuit, because it’s nice, because it’s a hundred degrees at home, because I’m writing,” Radka indicated that she was fighting the heat with this shirt.

NoviNÁŘEK: Special from the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival

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