Wrestlers, another look at the women of Juárez

Exclusive interview

In an exclusive interview with Spoiler, director Paola Calvo talks about this film that portrays the freedom of women in Juárez through wrestling.

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Luchadoras, a film that shows us another side of Ciudad Juárez.  (Photo: Luchadoras)
Luchadoras, a film that shows us another side of Ciudad Juárez. (Photo: Luchadoras)

During and after its screening at the 10th Los Cabos International Film Festival, the movie Fighters, of the directors Paola Calvo and Patrick Jasim, was the subject of conversation in different spaces due to the way it portrays Ciudad Juárez, or rather to the women who grow up and live in that border city, specifically to those who find in wrestling a tool to dream and feel freedom in an entity as marked by violence as Juárez.

“For me, Ciudad Juárez was a place that attracted me because I was very interested in knowing why femicides occurred and why this place is located in the world because women are killed there. By chance in life, Patrick Jasim knew Miss Kath and thus we were able to enter the universe of wrestling. Then we discovered a place and some women that have nothing to do with the image that the press handles of that place. Women are not just victims. They are also women who fight for change and achieve that change day by day ”, comments Paola Calvo, co-director of the documentary.

Besides the German fighter Miss Kath, the luchistic panorama above the ring and the daily fight that takes place below the ring also brings us closer to Lady Candy, Mini Sirenita, Baby Star y Little Star, women who when they put on a mask or listen to the clamor of the public They transform into fierce gladiators who make the key and cast a therapy to empower themselves and alleviate the discomforts emanating from their surroundings.

“The mask gives you strength, it gives you magic. After working in the editing room, we realized that Baby Star is one of the strongest characters we have. People identify very much with her. Even if you don’t see her face, the way she interacts with her daughter, with her sister, with her family, gives a lot of additional and emotional information that generates a powerful character in her. In this case, the mask works wonders ”.

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On Fighters we see these women confronting situations like battles for custody of children, labor abuses with excessive work shifts and low wages, harassment and harassment by ex-partners. At the same time, they show their emotional flanks with signs of camaraderie, love for their own and a taste for training.

“It is important to have these visual and cinematographic references where they are shown as they are, that is, as fighters and strong women. May they serve as idols for new generations. For a girl to see them and say “I want to be like Lady Candy, I want to be like Baby Star, I want to be like Little Star.” I think it is healthy to heal all this pain that is around the violence that is exerted against women in Ciudad Juárez ”.

Without forgetting that the history of this border region is marred by crimes against women (rapes, femicides, kidnappings), Fighters introduces us to a universe little portrayed and reported by the press: the feminine smiles that arise among the resistance in order to seek and achieve a change.

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