“Wounds”: how the Spanish version of “Mother” has changed the concept of motherhood of its protagonists

since it premiered “Heridas”, the Spanish version of “Mother”, on Sunday April 17 on Atresplayer Premium, the telenovela became the favorite of the public, who was moved by the story of Alba, a seven-year-old girl who was abandoned in her own home, since her mother Yolanda is more preoccupied with her night job and meeting her new partner to take care of her. Due to the shocking scenes that have been shown, actors They talked about whether the concept of motherhood they had has changed as a result of the plot.

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Before we tell you that this Spanish series is the version of the Turkish soap opera “Madre” (“Anne” in its original language), starring Cansu Dere, which in turn is based on the Japanese novel “Mother”. It was produced by the renowned company Atresmedia TV and is broadcast every Sunday in prime time on Atresplayer Premium, the paid content distribution platform. The main actors are Adriana Ugarte (Manuela León Escudero), María León (Yolanda Romero), Cosette Silguero (Alba Romero / Paloma León), Javier Collado (Lucho Valdivia) and Xoán Fórneas (Fabio Sierra).


During an interview with Atresplayer, the actors pointed out if they changed the concept of motherhood they had after participating in this successful project.

Adriana Ugarte – Manuela

In “Wounds”, she is Manuela, a young woman who lives alone in a cabin where she studies the Andalusian wetlands (Photo: Atresmedia TV)

For Adriana Ugarte, the actress who gives life to Manuela, the teacher who rescues little Alba, motherhood deals with the protective instinct that all people possess, and although she is not yet a mother, she considers this to be a very important process in lifetime.

“’Wounds’ has to do with the mother that we all carry inside, whether you are or not. I am not a mother, the only experience I have of caring for beings more vulnerable than me is with puppies because I live with them (…), in that case I am super protective, more absorbing and controlling. For me, motherhood is accompanying the process, I like the idea of ​​accompanying and holding hands. The series is an opportunity to reflect on the motherhood that exists within all of us, even if we are not biological mothers”said.

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Mariana Leon – Yolanda

In “Wounds”, she is Yolanda, Alba’s mother. She works at night as a pole dancer and sleeps during the day, in addition to giving her boyfriend Lucho more attention instead of her daughter (Photo: Atresmedia TV)

Mariana León, who plays Yolanda, Alba’s mother, said that her concept of motherhood has not changed, since she has always considered being a mother to be very difficult.

“I’m not, so I still don’t know, but I suppose that being a mother is an important bond with oneself, not with the creature that comes into this world, which is a tremendous responsibility, but connecting with who you are because you give yourself Realize that you are no longer so important.stated to .

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Sonia Almarcha – Olga

In "Wounds", Sonia Almarcha is Olga Escudero (Photo: Atresmedia TV)
In “Wounds”, Sonia Almarcha is Olga Escudero (Photo: Atresmedia TV)

Sonia Almarcha, who plays Olga, said that her concept of motherhood has not changed at all, but it would be good to think about why a mother could act in such a way to understand and help her.

“Maybe I could understand more about the type of motherhood, the type of character of Mariana with a girl, where you realize that it’s not really that she’s a bad mother, it’s that she doesn’t know how to do the best, right? You see this in reality and you are more strict, I feel that we are strict with these people and we say that they take it away. You don’t stop to think what has happened to that woman to repeat or do that “he indicated.

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Ivan Marcos – Hector

In "Wounds", the actor Iván Marcos is Héctor (Photo: Atresmedia TV)
In “Wounds”, the actor Iván Marcos is Héctor (Photo: Atresmedia TV)

The actor Iván Marcos, Héctor in “Heridas” refers that being a good mother is something very complicated, which sometimes leads to not knowing if something is right or wrong.

“Sometimes doing the right thing or not is not as easy as one thinks beforehand. Between good and evil there are all kinds of shades of gray that can be nuanced and I think that in this series it is very evident”said.

Fatima Beza – Carmen

In "Wounds", the actress Fátima Beza is Carmen (Photo: Atresmedia TV)
In “Wounds”, the actress Fátima Beza is Carmen (Photo: Atresmedia TV)

The actress Fátima Beza, Carmen in the Spanish soap opera, says that there are different factors to determine who is a good mother, since it will depend on her life experiences.

“It has made me reflect a bit on the difficulty of being a mother and doing it well depending on who is watching what you are doing. It is clear that love is the most important thing. If there is no love, we have a problem, and if there is love, but it is a harmful love, what happens?indicated to .

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