Wound: What happens to Jackie in the end on Netflix

In addition to representing another weighty performance by Halle Berry, Ferida is the actress’ first work as a director. The sports drama is a hit on Netflix, and already has fans thrilled with its touching denouement, which tackles important themes like forgiveness and resilience. We explain below everything you need to know about the end of the film and what happens to Jackie; check out.

Ferida follows the story of Jackie Justice, a discredited MMA fighter who seeks redemption as an athlete – while trying to raise the son she abandoned at the beginning of her sporting career.

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After receiving an irrefutable invitation to face the champion Lady Killer, Jackie starts training with coach Bobbi Buddhakan. As Killer is a much more athletic and strong fighter, Jackie’s only chance of winning would be to knock her opponent down and knock her to the ground.

In the final fight Jackie and Killer exchange mind-blowing blows in a breathtaking sequence. After 5 rounds, Lady Killer wins the confrontation and keeps her title in the category. But Jackie wins the hearts of the public and receives the $10,000 promised by organizer Immaculate.

Jackie’s explained ending on Netflix

The last minutes of the film show Buddhakan visiting Jackie to congratulate the protagonist for the fight. The character also reveals why he left the ring years ago.

Jackie explains that that was the first fight he thought of his son. Seeing Manny’s face with her father in the audience, the fighter feared she would never see him again, and for that reason, she interrupted her career.

Shortly after the confrontation with Lady Killer, Jackie returns to her mother’s home to pick up her son Manny, claiming she wants to become a more responsible mother. Mother and son embark on a journey into an uncertain future, but the boy’s last words indicate his forgiveness to the fighter.

Ultimately, that’s the movie’s message. Halle Berry’s character is a warrior woman who never gave up and has always struggled against all odds. At the end of the film, the protagonist faces a new struggle: raising her son.

Jackie didn’t just fight in the rings. The protagonist of Halle Berry was sexually abused in childhood, lived a troubled relationship with her mother, and had to train a lot to regain her resistance and face Lady Killer with her head held high.

Jackie’s loss in the Lady Killer fight looks a lot like Adonis Creed’s loss to Pretty Ricky Conlan in the movie Creed. Michael B. Jordan’s character may have lost the fight, but he wins fans’ hearts for his strength and resilience.

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In other words, even losing the fight, Jackie gains something much more important: the public’s admiration for having given his all.

That’s the message Halle Berry wanted to convey to the public: “no matter the adversity, you always have a choice: fight or accept your fate.”

Jackie is available on the Brazilian Netflix catalog.

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