‘Worst of the Oscars’ removes 12-year-old actress nomination after criticism

The Golden Raspberry, an Oscar parody that had nominated a 12-year-old actress, ended up removing the nomination after criticism.

Organizers left actress Ryan Kiera Armstrong, who starred in the remake of Flames of Vengeance, out of the running for Worst Actress (via THR).

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John Wilson, head of the group organizing the event, apologized in a statement released on Wednesday.

“Sometimes you do things without thinking. So you are called to it. So you get the point. This is why the Golden Raspberry was created in the first place,” reads the statement.

“It brought our attention to how insensitive we have been in this case. As a result, we have removed Armstrong’s name from the final vote our members will take next month. We also believe that a public apology is due to Ms. Armstrong, and we want to say that we are sorry for any pain she has suffered as a result of our choices,” concludes Wilson.

Ryan Kiera Armstrong in Flames of Vengeance

More on Flames of Vengeance

“The couple do everything they can to hide their daughter, Charlie, who has pyrokinetic powers and is being pursued by a mysterious agency,” says the synopsis.

The remake directed by Keith Thomas was a critical and box office failure.

The long Flames of Revenge still features Zac Efron, Sydney Lemmon, Gloria Reuben, Kurtwood Smith, among other names.

Flames of Vengeance is available on Telecine.

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