Worst Christmas Ever, streaming on Prime Video today

The worst Christmas of my life, the 2012 comedy with Fabio De Luigi and Cristiana Capotondi, returns to streaming on Prime Video starting today 18 November 2022.

Worst Christmas of my lifethe 2012 comedy with Fabio De Luigi and Cristiana Capotondi, returns in streaming on Amazon Prime Videos starting today 18 November 2022 for all users subscribing to the service.

Three days before Christmas, Giorgio, his wife Clara and their daughter Margherita have been invited to spend the holidays in Alberto’s castle, while Paolo, Margherita’s husband, will join them at a later time. The castle is a small jewel among the snowy slopes of Monte Rosa that Alberto recently bought, after escaping an illness for which everyone gave him up. Life, for him, has now become a new, wonderful adventure; he thinks of leaving the command of the company to Giorgio, who is already his deputy.

The Worst Christmas Ever: Movie Poster

The Worst Christmas Ever: Movie Poster

Giorgio is very tense, both for the “friend” promotion and for the imminent arrival of Paolo. Margherita is in her ninth month of pregnancy and has decided to give birth in water: she is still a few weeks away from the expected date, but she still forced Paolo to get a portable swimming pool to use in case of need. At the castle there is also Alberto’s daughter, Benedetta, also pregnant and a longtime friend of Margherita, even if the relationship between the two, who have made radically different life choices, is not very relaxed. Poor Paolo, who not even Christmas manages to make less inopportune, combines one disaster after another, raging, despite himself, right on Alberto and his castle: due to a misunderstanding, in fact, everyone believes that Alberto died for Paul’s fault.

Clara finds herself organizing a wake that turns, however, into a surreal party, the outcome of which remains to be discovered, especially as Margherita’s baby has decided to be born on the most agitated and stormy night. It won’t be easy, but in the end everything will go well, because it’s Christmas and because it should be so. And outside the snow keeps falling…

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