Worse than debt! I’m not so swollen anymore, Gajer is shocked

She worked day and night to pay off the millions in interest she owed not only to banks but also to her friends and colleagues. However, the body of actress Veronika Gajerová (58) has said enough. Veronika is now dealing with health problems, specifically her spleen and liver are wrong. She also gained 20 kilograms from stress, which she is trying to lose. “I drink a terribly disgusting extract of herbs, it’s adjusting. And I’m not so swollen anymore, I lost some four kilos, “ the actress confided for the Super.cz website.

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“I started going to a doctor who also runs acupuncture. She diagnosed me and found that the way I gained weight was not that I ate, but it was a problem of the spleen and liver from the stress and exhaustion I had experienced in recent years. I had to start treatment, it’s slow, I can’t push it. “ added Gajer, who is now trying to rest more.

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