Worrying disappearances: Bénédicte and her daughter Léa took the train back on Tuesday to return from Ostend, they disappeared in Liège-Guillemins!

According to the latest information, the CCTV images of Ostend station were going to be viewed in order to find out whether or not mother and daughters boarded a train.

This Thursday evening, the police amended their notice of disappearance and published CCTV images of the Liège-Guillemins station, where the mother and her daughter were last seen at 11:20 p.m. Since then, they have not appeared.

Bénédicte is 1.77m tall and has shoulder-length blonde bob-cut hair. She has tattoos on both forearms. She wore a white sleeveless T-shirt and white shorts with blue patterns. She is in possession of a gray wheeled bag and a colorful bag.

Léa measures between 1m40 and 1m50 and has long blond hair. She wore khaki shorts and a colorfully patterned T-shirt. She was in possession of an electric blue backpack.

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