World’s oldest panda dies

His name was An An. He was the oldest giant panda of the world. It was at the age of 35 that he unfortunately had to be euthanized in the park of hong kong where he had lived since 1999.

For a few weeks, the health of this male panda had been deteriorating. An An suffered fromhypertension. He had more recently stopped eating. The veterinarians made the decision to help him leave to avoid further suffering.

35 years old is a very good age, for a giant panda it is the equivalent of 105 years old for a human being. In nature, thelife expectancy of the animal is estimated at some 20 years. In captivity, the care that is brought to him, both medical and nutritional, and the absence of predators or other sources of danger can help him pass the 30-year mark.

The record for the oldest giant panda still remains that of JiaJia. In 2016, she died at the age of 38! In the same park that just lost An An.

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