world suicide prevention day india: Youngsters committed suicide the most during lockdown

Suicide is often committed out of despair. You will be surprised to know that in 2019 there were more than 139 thousand deaths in India due to suicide. What is even more surprising is that 67 percent of these people were those whose age was between 18-45 years. Suicide is not easy and perhaps no one can even guess how scared the person himself is before committing it.

According to Dr. Rachna Avatramani, these incidents can be prevented. But only when you can tell just 3 things to the suicidal person. First I am here for you. Second, I understand that this is a difficult situation for you. Third, find out and talk to a good specialist. The doctor says that where you have shown the person that you are standing with him in this difficult situation and understand his pain, believe me then the person will completely remove the thought of suicide from the mind and there will be a decrease in suicide cases in India.

Suicide cases increased due to lockdown

According to psychiatrist Dr. Sameer Malhotra, the pandemic gave rise to suicidal thoughts apart from depression and anxiety among people. During this people tried to harm themselves. Even in some cases this epidemic became the cause of death. On the impact of the pandemic, Dr. Prakriti Poddar, Managing Trustee of the Poddar Foundation, said that during the lockdown, the number of cases of suicide and suicide attempts in India increased significantly. There are many reasons for this. Such as the breakdown of social networks, fear of getting infected with the virus, limited access to healthcare, social disruption, mental stress and fear of burden on families.

More suicide cases in men between 31-50 years


The suicides reported during the lockdown phase were by significantly older persons as compared to 2019. Their age ranged from 31 to 50 years. Surprisingly, there were a lot of suicide cases by men in this. Also, during the Kovid-19 epidemic and lockdown, the tendency of suicide among school children increased significantly.

Such is the condition of the brain at the time of suicide, know the brain game of suicide

At such times suicide was the only option


A youth told on the condition of anonymity that he was completely imprisoned in the house due to the lockdown. So it seemed that the purpose of life was lost somewhere. The girl he loved got busy with family time. Online classes were starting to look boring. His father lost his job and the happy atmosphere of the house deteriorated. Then he felt that suicide was the only option left for him to get away from life.

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Children and the elderly are more affected

sad kid sitting

The impact of the pandemic was felt in every age group, but children and the elderly were most affected. Many children lost their parents, as their behavior changed drastically. Also the elderly who lost their spouses were severely affected by depression and anxiety. Mental health conditions such as loneliness and dependence on others drive people to commit suicide.

Family problem was the reason for suicide


According to experts, 37.2 percent suicides are due to family problems while 17.1 percent are due to illness. Poddar says suicide can be prevented if the warning signs are recognized early.

Friends and family members understand their responsibility

Suicide Prevention

If a person is showing signs of mental health problems, it is the responsibility of family members and friends to come forward, and ask if they are contemplating suicide. At the same time, without any worry, one should listen and respect their feelings. If someone needs immediate help, the concerned doctor can help improve the mental health condition.

If you or someone you know is considering suicide, you can seek help from a professional. Many helpline numbers will also assist you in this matter.

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