World Cup, the act of the EU Parliament against Fifa: “Rampant and systemic corruption”

The EU Parliament condemns the deaths of thousands of migrant workers in Qatar during the preparations for the World Cup. In a resolution adopted by acclamation, MEPs describe the corruption inside the fifa how “rampantsystemically and deeply rooted” and deplore the lack of transparency which characterized the choice of Qatar as the host country.

With the act just approved, Parliament exhorts i EU countriesin particular Germany, France, Italy And Spainto exercise pressures on UEFA and Fifa to commit themselves to realisation reforms such as the introduction of democratic procedures and transparent for the assignment of the World Cup, with “the rigorous application of the human rights and the criteria of sustainability for host countries”.

MEPs are also calling for the bottom expected for i reparations to include all fatalities since the start of the 2022 World Cup-related work, including all fatalities and other violations of the rights humans. Finally, they ask Fifa to contribute to a program of full compensation for the families of workers, as compensation for the working conditions suffered.

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