World Cup, Iran’s coach Queiroz defends the gesture of his players: “Boos? Those who don’t support us stay at home”

The players “are beings humansthey have sonsthey have a dreamthat is, to play for one’s country, for one’s people, for amuse“. Thus the coach of Iran, Carlos Queiroz, defends his players after the heavy defeat against England (6 to 2), but above all after their gesture of dissent against the regime: they remained silent during the national anthem, to show support for the protests for the rights of women in Iran. On the disputes, the coach added: “Years ago we had the support of the whole world. Not now. If they don’t want to encourage usthat they stay at home. We don’t need people who only support us when we win.”

All eleven Iran players were silent during the playing of the national anthem ahead of the match against England at the world championships from Qatar 2022. The impact in the Al Khalifa stadium in Doha was even stronger after the unison singing of “God Save the King” by the many English people present. Gods have come from the stands whistleswhile – always among the fans – they also stood out banners in support of rights humans. On the eve, the defender Ehsan Hajsafi he had declared in the press conference that the Iranian national team will represent “the voice of his people“.

It has been going on in Iran for over two months a dramatic protest against the regime, triggered by the death of the 22-year-old protester Mahsa Aminiafter his arrest for failure to comply with Islamic rules for wearing the veil. Since that day, last September 16 they have been 378 the dead in the streets according to the NGO Iran Human Rights and beyond 15 thousand the arrested. “These kids want to play football, don’t give them lessons or feign morals,” said the Portuguese coach of Iran, Carlos Queiroz, defending their players – Anyone who doesn’t want to support these guys should stay at home. We have our opinions and we express them when we think it’s right. These guys want to play for their people. But they are guys, and this atmosphere Weighs“.

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