World Cup, Infantino defends Qatar: “I know what it means to be discriminated against, bullied for red hair”. And the FIFA spokesman comes out

In the face of harsh criticisms against the Qatar for the conditions of the human rightsthe death of the migrant workers and the treatment reserved for people lgbtqthe president of FIFA Gianni Infantino takes his position on the eve of the first match of the World Cup 2022: “Today I have strong feelings. Today I feel QatariI feel ArabicI feel AfricanI feel gayI feel disabled, I feel like a migrant worker”. His statement was immediately criticized on social media, with many pointing out that if he were indeed gay, he wouldn’t be able to say so openly in Qatar, where homosexuality is illegal according to Islamic law Sharia. In view of World Cupor, the former Qatar international Khalid Salmanone of several ambassadors for the tournament starting on Sunday, has defined being gay “mental damage” in a documentary of the German public broadcasters ZDF extension.

Infantino then said he knows “what it means to be discriminated against,” because “as a child I was bullied Why Italian and with i Red hair”when he lived in Swiss with his parents who emigrated from our country. The FIFA president accused Western countries of “hypocrisy” and contested the criticisms against Qatar: “For what we Europeans have done around the world in the last 3,000 years, we should apologise for the next 3 thousand years before starting to give moral lessons to the people,” the head of world football’s governing body said.

“How many of these European companies or westerners who earn millions from Qatar, billions, how many of them have faced i workers rights migrants with the authorities? None of them, because if you change the legislation it means less profits. But we did, and Fifa generates far less than any of these companies in Qatar,” Infantino added. Then he returned to the case of beers banned in stadiums, with the problem related to the sponsor of Fifa (Budweiser): “Personally I think you can survive three hours a day without drinking beer”. And she recalled: “The same thing happens in France, Spain and Scotland,” she added.

At the same press conference, Fifa’s head of media, Bryan Swansondid coming out: “I’ve seen a lot of criticism of Gianni Infantino since I joined FIFA, especially from the LGBTQ community – he explained – I’m sitting here in a prime location on a global stage like gay man here in Qatar. We have received assurances that all are welcome and I believe all will be welcome in this World Cup”. Swanson, who joined FIFA last year after nearly two decades at the broadcaster’s Sky Sports in Britain, he insisted that Infantino was a staunch ally for LGBTQ causes: “Just because Gianni Infantino isn’t gay, doesn’t mean he doesn’t care. He cares. You see the public side. I see the private side,” concluded Swanson.

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