World Cup in Qatar: hotels planned by FIFA refuse to welcome LGBT + people!

Further discrimination for LGBT+ people in soccer. This year, the FIFA World Cup will be held at Qatarbetween November 21 and December 18, and they will not be welcome.

Last April, it was Abdullah Al Ansari, head of security for the World Cup, who openly let it be known. “If you buy a ticket, it’s to attend a football match and not to demonstrate. So don’t come and insult an entire society”, he said, thinking of the possible flags in the colors of the rainbow that could be waved in the stands. While at the same time, Gianni Ingantino, President of FIFA, assured last month that “everyone was welcome here in Qatar, even LGBT people”.

A certain confusion in the speeches therefore, sometimes worrying, sometimes reassuring, which has something to alert the LGBT + community. Especially when you learn that many of the hotels recommended by FIFA will not welcome them, or badly.

They are Swedish journalists, from SVT Sports, who conducted the experiment with the 69 hotels on the FIFA list. Journalists posed as a newly married gay couple wishing to celebrate their honeymoon in Qatar. They therefore contacted several hotels by email and the feedback is clear: no. “Such registration is not possible”, said a hotel in the emirates. And if 20 of the establishments have accepted the reservation, in fact, it gets stuck, a kind of “no” disguised as “yes but”. “We don’t mind, but I would like to inform you that in the past we have had incidents where the police have taken away hotel guests who have had homosexual relations”responds an establishment. “We don’t judge, but if you wear make-up and dress gay, it’s against country and government policy. But for our hotel, it’s okay if you dress appropriately and do not display your sexuality in public and that you do not kiss”, responds another. Among the hotels contacted, 33 nevertheless responded without flinching or embarrassing emails. While 13 simply did not respond.

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